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EA Sports Active Accessory Pack
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  19/08/2011, at 23:20:24
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Product Details
EA Sports Active Accessory Pack

EA Sports Active Accessory Pack is the official accessory package for EA Sports Active, Electronic Arts' innovative and customizable fitness program for Wii. One of the major strengths of EA Sports Active is that unlike other exercise products designed for use with Wii, every exercise included in it contains built in two-player split screen support. Having a friend to workout with not only makes staying in shape fun, the added presence of a workout partner has been proven to affect ongoing motivation towards reaching fitness goals. This is where the EA Sports Active Accessory Pack comes in.

Multiplayer fitness accessories.
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What's in the Accessory Pack?
The two-piece EA Sports Active Accessory Pack consists of one adjustable leg strap designed to hold a Wii Remote and one stretchable resistance band, with handles at either end. The leg strap is used in a wide variety of EA Sports Active cardio based exercises, including jogging, tennis, cardio boxing and many more. The resistance band is used in just as many exercises where adding extra tension on arms and legs is beneficial. These two accessories, along with your copy of EA Sports Active and Wii Remote/nunchuck controller (each sold separately), are all you need to turn the single player exercise routines of EA Sports Active into the fun, fat-burning multiplayer experience you have been looking for.

EA Sports Active Gameplay
Designed around the standard Wii Remote/Nunchuck tethered controller configuration, EA Sports Active's interactive fitness program is more focused on physical activities than previous 'fitness' titles for the Wii, but still challenges you to have fun while developing a more healthy lifestyle. Separated into the three sections of workout, nutrition, lifestyle, and other activity, the user's experience begins with a pep talk from Bob Greene which quickly transitions into the beginnings of action as players set up profiles, choose a virtual personal trainer and enter baseline data like age, weight, gender, fitness goals, etc. Although the nutrition, lifestyle, and other activity sections add a holistic element facilitated by a mix of surveys and data input, building fitness through physical activity is the driving force behind EA Sports Active and as such the meat of the content resides in the workout section. Here players will find dozens of themed strength training and cardio workouts which can be customized as you choose and linked into circuit training routines. These routines are introduced and monitored by your personal trainer, and allow for ongoing player motivation via real-time feedback on your workout form, an approximation of calories burned and the ability to adjust levels of exercise intensity.



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